Foundation Failure Warning Signs

Chicagoland Foundation Repair Experts

You may be looking around your home and notice some cosmetic cracks on your drywall, or some cracks on your bricks and think nothing of it, just an aging home. To a trained professional these may be warning signs of a foundation failure, leave it to the experts at American Foundation Repair to inspect your home with a free consultation. 

Foundation problems if left neglected can become costly in the future to repair. Here are some warning signs to look out for and don’t wait  to call us. A proactive attitude toward repairing your foundation is a great start. A settling foundation can be caused by many different issues but be proactive and look out for these warning signs around your home to avoid costly structural repairs.

Tree roots and plumbing issues may cause a foundation to fail, not to be out done by shrinkage in the soil, whatever the problem we can repair your foundation and lift your foundation back to a compromise level, in some cases even up to 95% of its original level, like it never happened. 

Foundation Failure Warning Signs

  • Brick Cracking – Step ladder cracking may indicate foundation failure.
  • Floor Cracking – Cracks on your tile floor or basement floor may indicate foundation failure.
  • Walls (Interior / Exterior)  Cracking – Cracks on your walls that reappear after fixing them or if they open up or close up on their own during seasonal times may indicate foundation failure. 
  • Gaps in Windows and Doors – Sticky window frame or gaps on your doors may indicate a foundation failure.
  • Unlevel Windows and Doors – Another warning sign that may indicate foundation failure.
  • Leaning Chimney – If chimney is starting to look like the leaning tower of Pisa then it’s time to call us.