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A solid foundation is key and the most important component of your home. A crack on the foundation may not seem like a big deal, but it can be if left neglected.  A crack may indicate structural failure in a worst case scenario or just a simple crack repair is needed. Your home depends on a solid foundation because without it you lose stability, the main purpose of your foundation is to transfer the entire load of your home to a stable ground underneath it. 

Ground movement can cause a shift in the ground and affect your homes foundation to settle unevenly. Water problems around your foundation also have a big impact that may lead to foundation failure. American Foundation Repair is the most trusted and experienced company in the Chicagoland area, our team is by far the most experienced trusted team in Chicago.

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  • Raise / Stabilize Foundations
  • Leaning Chimney Repair
  • Multi-family Homes
  • Apartment Complexes 
  • Homeowners Associations

American Foundation Repair offers a  wide range of repairs, most of our repairs are custom fabricated on-site, we pay special attention to detail, we have a professional team, resources, and experience to custom tailor a solution to your foundation problem. Our methods proven to be the best solution are engineered to specifically solve  your homes problems using the highest in quality standards and procedures. 

Foundation Failure Symptoms

  • Unleveled and difficult to open windows and doors – When doors and windows stick it may be related to a structural problem.
  • Stair-step cracking in masonry bricks – The cracks can vary in size but are wider on top and more narrow at bottom.
  • Cracks in foundation and footing – This may indicate current settlement in your home
  • Sinking Foundation or Seasonal Shifting – A shift in your foundation is not a good sign where cracks open and close.
  • Cracks in drywall – These cracks are usually cosmetic but are an important indicator to a bigger foundation problem.
  • Tilting chimney – Leaning chimneys are also an indicator you may have a foundation failure.
  • Sagging floors – May be caused by a foundation problem or a damaged post/beam needing to be replaced. 

Sometimes homes just sink because of poor site preparation, especially if the grading on the house is pitched toward the house instead of away from the home.Another reason why you may need to underpin your home is if you want to add a second addition on top of your existing one. By underpinning, you will strengthen your existing foundation.

Stabilize a Failing Foundation

Not to worry, we can raise your foundation, frame, and floor by using our underpinning method. Underpinning is a meticulous engineering process to strengthen and stabilize the foundation of an existing home or structure. A home’s foundation depends on sturdy soil to keep it from sinking, so if the soil loses its strength and begins to shift the only other alternative is to strengthen the foundation by using our engineered method of underpinning system to secure your home from further settling. We raise and stabilize sinking foundations.

Steel Pipe Pile Installation (Push Piers) 

A 90 degree heavy duty underfooting plate is placed underneath footing (partial footing is shaved off). The underfooting bracket is then anchored with (6) 3/4″ anchor bolts. This underfooting bracket is now securely mounted against the existing foundation wall. Temporary harness are erected to aid with the pushing of steel pipe piles, hydraulically  driven into the ground smoothly using a 30 ton (60,000 lbs.) ram.The steel pipe piles are driven until they reach hard pan (solid rock soil). After raising (to a compromise level) /stabilizing your foundation we can then fuse the two metals. The pipe pile gets welded to the underfooting bracket to hold the entire weight of the structure  accordingly to engineered specifications. Your home is now secure and stable from any further settling resting on solid rock-like soil. Make sure to meet with one of our professional experienced team members for your free evaluation.



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