Trench Foundation Wall | Sinking Room Addition – Enclosed Porch – Slab

Best Foundation Repair Company- Porch – Room Addition

Some older homes or room additions do not have a proper 42″ deep foundation wall. The foundation wall must be at least 42″ deep to be considered below the frost line as to avoid shifting and settling. We can place a new trench foundation wall around the perimeter of  your existing home or structure in order to reach this required depth. 

If you are thinking of converting your porch or concrete patio into an enclosed living space, call us first and we’ll have a new trench foundation wall in less than one week. Using this space you already have is an inexpensive way to add more square footage! Add value and save time by giving us a call.

Sinking Home – Porch – Room Addition / Trench Wall

Machine excavation to prepare ground work for new trench foundation wall at perimeter of home or structure. Excavate at least 42″ deep below frost line. Shore home with steel columns and 100 ton adjustable screws (to remain and encase in concrete). Raise frame back to a compromise level and secure from further settlement with rebar horizontally and vertically at entire work area, with a new formed concrete poured trench foundation wall. 

Permit and Engineering Drawings

 All repairs are done accordingly to engineered specifications and municipality codes. Build department officials come and inspect our work, on-site from your local village or town. All work confirms to ASTM standards (American Society for Testing and Materials). These types of complex jobs can only be done by a foundation team with experience and knowledge. Meet with one of our professional team members for a free evaluation on home.

Need Foundation Repair 

  • Steel Pipe Piles (Push Piers)
  • House Leveling Jacks (Concrete Piers)
  • Column Beam Replacement 
  • Repair Replace Bowed Walls
  • Basement Waterproofing
  • Crawl Space Repair
  • Crack Repair
Excavate Perimeter of Foundation

Excavate a Trench with a Mini Excavator

New Steel Base with New Steel Column to be Encased in Concrete

Steel Base & Column to be Encased in Concrete

Install rebar Horizontally & Vertically

Install rebar Horizontally & Vertically

Clean Remove Debris from Site

Backfill & Remove All Debris from Site