Replace Leaning – Bowing Foundation Walls | New Foundation Walls

New Foundation Wall – Shoring Frame in Position

In rare cases, where the foundation wall is severely damaged it will need to be removed and replaced. This involves shoring the entire home temporarily and removing and replacing foundation wall or walls, but keeping the existing footing. If no footing is present a new footing will need to be poured.

The new foundation wall will be reinforced with steel post and they will get encased in concrete, also rebar horizontally and vertically along the entire new foundation  wall.  A new exterior drain tile system along the perimeter where work is being performed will be placed and will be connected to existing one, if no drain tile exist a new sump pump will be installed. 

The concrete will be a gunite (spraying concrete at high pressure) mix. This gunite method is only used by specialized companies, who have the expertise and knowledge in the foundation repair business. Most of our competitors can NOT offer you this option since they do not have the expertise or tools to complete a complex project such as this. Make sure to have one of our experts to evaluate your home for the best solution to your foundation problem. 

Wall exposed cinder block wall bowing

Foundation Failure

Shore Home with Vertical Support Beams

Remove Damaged Foundation Wall

Place Steel Columns to be Encased in Concrete

New Rebar at 12″ Center Horizontally & Vertically

Gunite Wall (spray wall with concrete mix)

Trowel Smooth Finish

New Window Wells & Waterproofing Membrane along with Drainage System

Smooth Finish From Inside

Remove All Debris from Site and Clean Up Yard