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Welcome to American Foundation Repair’s services page! Narrowing down which service your home may need before your call us will ensure even faster service!

Home Services:

  • House Lifting and Raising 
    • To ensure a proper solid foundation  repair, your homes foundation best solution is our strong superior quality steel brackets and steel pipe pile installations (push pier), by using American Foundation Repair custom fabricated on-site products you can rest assure your home will be secure for decades to come.
    • In some rare cases where a foundation isn’t stable enough (or no existing foundation) we need to use an alternate method that may also include the installations of steel pipe piles (push piers). Installing a deep 42″ concrete pier underneath a porch or a home is sometimes necessary to maintain the integrity of the existing structure. 
  • Column & Beam Installations for a Crawlspace or Basements
    • Installations of a steel column with concrete pier and a steel I beam is the solution for a persistent sagging floor problem, causing dips on floors and cracks on walls. In most cases, a simple replacement of a rotting or bowed post(s) is a good solution. In other cases replacement of a post with a steel column and concrete pier is better solution. A new steel I beam with new concrete pier(s) and new steel column(s)  is the most effective way to solve an extreme sagging floor situation, and by the far the best solution. 
  • Repair-Replace Damaged Bowed Walls
    • A damaged bowed wall can either be repaired or replaced. Reinforced vertical steel I beams are a good solution to the problem but even a better solution is going with a gunite concrete-retaining wall, but of course the best solution of all is replacing the entire damaged wall. Each of theses cases is different, and each solution is customized to fit your budget and your home’s needs. 
  • New Trench Foundation Wall
    • Make sure your foundation is at least 42″ deep to prevent shifting and sinking. The best solution is installing a new trench foundation wall around your perimeter of your existing home, porch or garage.
  • Basement Waterproofing
    • American Foundation Repair Home Services specializes in waterproofing solutions, such as installation of interior/ exterior drain tile systems, sump pump systems, and 10 mil reinforced fiber plastic wall installations to keep moisture from creeping through your basement walls.  
  • Crawl Space Repair 
    • American Foundation Repair Home Services also specializes in crawl space repair, installation of  vapor barriers, adding clean stone 3/4″ gravel to a dirt crawl and or installing a drain tile system around perimeter of crawl space. 
  • Crack Repair
    • American Foundation Repair Home Services is the quickest and most reliable company to fix your leaky foundation crack(s). In most cases we will repair foundation crack(s) the same week you sign a contract with us. 
  • Window Wells & Yard Drainage
    • American Foundation Repair Home Services will also repair your damaged or leaky window well, and install an exterior drain tile system to keep water away from your home that may pool next to your homes foundation that may cause structural failure if left negeclted. 

Visit the specific service pages for more detailed information on what each service includes.

Please call us with any questions you may have about our services. We will help you chose the best service for your home’s needs!