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Foundation Crack Repair in Chicago

Every foundation wall most likely will have a crack, do to settling, stress, or shrinkage crack. Shrinkage cracks happen when the home is being built and during the curing process, cracks can develop. Some cracks leak while others may not, depending on the severity of the cracks and the cause of the cracks. 

Even if a crack isn’t leaking, it’s still a good idea to have it sealed and repaired. Eventually all cracks will likely seep water through them, some may take longer than others. There are exceptions where some minor cracks will most likely never leak water. 

Structural cracks wider than 1/8″ need to be repaired especially if they are diagonal at each end of the foundation wall.  We have the tools and resources to repair all types of cracks, make sure to give us a call, since a structural crack may indicate current settlement and waterproofing companies DO NOT cover cracks that have or will continue to settle, it voids your “Lifetime Warranty”. Our foundation repair products cover all your cracks including structural cracks when we perform structural repair to your foundation.

Foundation Crack Repair Solutions

Foundation cracks can be repaired either from the inside or outside of the foundation wall. Most cracks can easily be repaired from the inside, and it is the preferred method. The reason to repair it from the inside is too minimize any damage to landscaping, driveway, patio etc. 

When the crack is exposed in an unfinished basement we can easily repair the crack from the inside using Epoxy / Urethane Injection. This type of method is the most effective way to stop water seepage in crawl space or basement foundation walls. The two step process ensures a clean, safe, and healthy way to seal a crack by pasting epoxy on surface of the crack and injecting urethane through the crack until it fills the crack itself entirely including the outside surface area.  (If a crack is behind paneling or drywall, we will take it down and repair crack from inside.)

To repair a crack from the outside (if there are obstructions from the inside), we need to dig out a hole all the way down to the footing, to expose the entire crack(s). We only repair crack(s) from the outside if it is absolutely necessary to do it from the outside. After exposing the crack, we wire brush clean the crack and place tar and reinforced plastic, from the top of the crack all the way down to bottom of the footing. Using this system will stop all water leaks through your foundation wall. In fact this is one of the best ways to seal a crack. 

Professional Crack Repair in a Timely Manner

American Foundation Repair has professionally repaired tens of thousands of cracks in the Chicago area since 1986. You can expect a reasonable time and price to fix your foundation crack problem. You won’t have to wait weeks for someone to look at your problem and months for the problem to be repaired. 

We can usually see you the same week you call us, and by the following week we can repair your foundation crack. We use the best quality products and get the work done in a reasonably timely manner. Don’t wait weeks or even months to have your crack repaired, give us a call we are Chicagoland’s most reliable basement waterproofing company.