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Crawl Space Vapor Barrier

Moisture in your crawlspace may cause many problems to your foundation and your family’s health. It’s very easy for water to come up from the ground and flood your crawl space and create a wet and damp crawl. American Foundation Repair has installed serval vapor barriers to keep moisture out and keep a dry crawl space. In addition to adding a vapor barrier we go an extra step that sets us apart from the competition, we can place gravel at entire crawl space area. With a thick layer of gravel, and the vapor barrier, moisture from the ground is contained and confined below the gravel and vapor barrier. 


Crawl Space Hot Air Rises

When warm/hot air rises it brings any moisture left on ground up with it leaving a very humid and damp crawl space. A humid crawl space is the perfect recipe for mold spores to form leaving you with an unhealthy crawl space. All air in your home circulates including the air in your crawl space, even tho you may not see it, you may sometimes smell a musty odor, and it may be harming your family’s health especially if mold and mildew is present. 

Installing a vapor barrier is the best solution in containing moisture in your crawl space by reducing your home’s humidity problem. Most companies say it’s best to “encapsulate” the entire crawl space, not necessarily true. Quality air needs some kind of circulation, and this is why homes are built with vents so the air in your crawl space is ventilated.  Here in the Chicagoland area especially in the summertime we can have days where relative humidity is 100%.  The best way to solve a humidity problem in the sweltering summer heat is using a basic dehumidifier from your  local home improvement store, along with a vapor barrier covering the ground only. 

Interior Drain Tile System at Crawl Space

Even with gravel, and a vapor barrier, if your crawl space floods or seepage is present, a drain tile system around the perimeter of your crawl space will be necessary. This system is designed to collect the water from the crawl space into a new pit and pump it out, leaving a dry clean basement. Afterwards a vapor barrier can be installed also to keep moisture out.


Crawl Space Problematic Symptoms 

  • Unlevel Floors
  • Cracks in Interior Walls 
  • Musty Odors

Crawl Space Repair

American Foundation Repair uses a reinforced vapor barrier to trap and lock moisture, along with a thick layer of gravel and if necessary a drain tile system around the interior perimeter of the crawl space. No other competitor will be able to match our ability to install a quality product for a fair price. Trust the professional leaders in crawl space repair, by giving us a call for a free estimate.