Interior Drain Tile System | Basement Waterproofing – Drainage System

Wet Basement Repair & Basement Waterproofing

A dry basement starts with a foundation repair team that’s been around for over 3 decades repairing wet basements. We are not a franchise company. We are a family owned and operated  Chicagoland business since 1986.  We provide our waterproofing services with  ZERO COMMISSION FEES and  ZERO FRANCHISE FEES, SAVE MONEY NOW. These fees are hidden and are never shown to you. Our competitors pass on commission and franchise fees cost on to you. We don’t use advertising gimmicks either, just straight talk with Chicago’s most trusted waterproofing team, American Foundation Repair offers transferable warranties on all of our work. 

Quality products and superior service sets us apart from our competitors. Don’t wait weeks to get an estimate and to get your work done, don’t settle for inferior service, make a decision today to get the best service and work done in a reasonable amount of time.  In most cases we can evaluate your seepage problem within days of calling us and perform the work within 1-3 weeks of receiving a  signed contract and deposit. Only American Foundation Repair can resolve your water problem this quickly because we don’t’ make you wait. Get the best service experience and work repair you deserve. 

Identify the Seepage Problem

Most homeowners know when they have a water problem in their basement or crawlspace, but can’t really identify where it’s coming from, don’t worry, just point us to the problem and we’ll find a solution for your leaky wet damp basement. It doesn’t matter where the water is coming from your foundation we can deliver a dry basement everytime. Water can come in from a crack(s), cove joint (90 degree angle where floor meets wall), around pipes, porous concrete, and other places, but to have a dry basement  make sure to call us today and get a free evaluation on your waterproofing needs.

Basement Waterproofing Service – Local Waterproof Experts 

  • Crack(s) – Crack Repair Epoxy / Urethane Injection Repair
  • Porous Concrete – Waterproofing Membrane Repair
  • Cove Joint (90 degree angle where floor meets foundation wall) – Drain Tile System Repair
  • Around Pipes (Sewer Pipes, etc.) – Epoxy / Urethane Injection Repair
  • Cinder Block Walls – Waterproofing Membrane Repair
  • Window Well Drainage Solutions – Replace / Waterproofing Membrane Repair
  • Pit and Sump Pump Installations
  • Yard Drainage Solutions – French Drain Tile System Repair
  • Over the top of foundation – Grading – French Drain Tile System Repair

Interior Drain Tile System Installed – Cove Joint Seepage

The purpose of a drain tile system is to collect water around your foundation through an installed system of channel drains (made from PVC pipe with weep holes, maintenance free and clog free) running along next to your footing and underneath your slab floor. Once the water is collected using gravity flow into a pit, the sump pump will discharge the water and pump it away from your home. In addition to a drain tile system we will also use in most cases a  mel-drain system to collect water seeping down the foundation wall. This system will  prevent water from seeping into your home, keeping it dry especially when you need it most during heavy  rain storms.

Every contractor uses the same concept, the big difference is an experienced team, some companies might want to sell with gimmicks with different types of material that increase flow, don’t fall for marketing gimmicks, they are fun to look at, but a pain to pay for, instead of financing SAVE MONEY NOW, and pay a fair price for the best quality work. All of our work comes with transferable warranties, we keep basements dry every time. Make sure to set up your appointment, we’ll be more than glad to come to your home and evaluate your problem, don’t wait weeks, call now for a free estimate.